Gender Discrimination in France
Mathilde Houet Weil
The French Labour Code, created in the early 70’s, lists all grounds of discriminations prohibited by EU law: origin, gender, sexual preference, age, familial situation, pregnancy, citizenship, race, political or religious beliefs, physical appearance, family name, health conditions or handicaps.
Data protection and privacy in the workplace
Mathilde Houet Weil
The right to privacy is a highly developed area of law in Europe. Europeans are vividly aware of the dangers associated with unchecked use of personal information, as learned from their experiences in World War II – fascist governments, and post-War - communist regimes, where disclosure of race, ethnicity or political views led to secret denunciations that caused many to be persecuted and assassinated.
Edde Summer
Mathilde Houet Weil
France, where individual freedom is highly prized, is a bastion of workplace privacy. French rule of law finds support in Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which provides a right to respect for one's private life, family life, home and correspondence, subject only to restrictions deemed strictly necessary in a democratic society. In addition, Article 9 of the French Civil Code provides that everyone has the right to respect for his private life. Both of these provisions apply to employees in the workplace and during working time. The employee’s right to privacy extends to conversations and communications that take place at work or within work systems.
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