Corporate Law

Our Firm has recognized expertise in Corporate Law, both as a consultant and for litigation matters.

From the formation of a corporation to its striking-off, our Firm takes care of all the corporate legal paperwork for any kind of companies, commercial or civil, whether in the framework of regular operations (such as general meetings of shareholders, boards or committees, approval of financial statements, appointment or renewal of corporate officers, etc….) or more complex matters (such as mergers, spin outs, partial contribution of capital, restructuring of the share capital, setting up of governance and compliance structures).

Weil & Associés is responsible for the corporate legal paperwork of hundreds of companies of any size, especially belonging to international groups of companies.

Beside the activity of consultancy, our Firm also provides advice and assistance in any litigation matters involving corporate law (disputes between shareholders, with current or former corporate officers, liability suits, etc..).

For any questions on Corporate Law, please contact our partner Patricia VINCENT.