Commercial and Competition Law

Based on its legal and economic background, our team has a recognized expertise. Our lawyers implement their knowledge of our clients' business to assist them, especially, in the area of:

  • - commercial negotiation, price transparency and restrictive practices
  • - exclusive and selective distribution
  • - consumer law and advertising law
  • - competition law, restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance and abuse of economic dependence
  • - ordinary-law procedures before civil and criminal courts
  • - investigations conducted by the DGCCRF (Department of Competition, Consumer Affairs and the Repression of Fraud) and procedures before the French Competition Authority and the European Authorities

Among the latest significant missions:

  • - assistance and counseling of a leading US company in the analysis of anticompetitive practices on the postal market
  • - counsel to a manufacturer of consumer goods before the European and French courts
  • - counseling for the development of a selective distribution network in the luxury sector, drafting contracts and Terms and Conditions of Sale
  • - review of advertising and promotional campaigns for the marketing of portable hand-held electric power tools sold in DIY supermarkets
  • - review of the packaging of garbage bags and Clingfilm marketed in mass distribution networks
  • - review of the rebate arrangements policy for several leading pharmaceutical companies
  • - setting a regulatory compliance program for several clients of the automotive sector
  • - assistance and representation of a leading pharmaceutical company facing prosecutions under the French Anti-Gift Act